Massage Therapies

Massage Therapies

Back, Neck, Face and Scalp Massage - Approx 1 Hr £55.00

A relaxing massage that focuses on the different pressure points of the upper body leaving you feeling totally re-balanced.

Relaxing Face and Scalp Massage - Approx 40 minutes £35.00

A rejuvenating massage using our nourishing facial oil and pure coconut oil products to completely relax the muscles of the face and scalp.

Traditional Swedish Body Massage - Back - Approx 30 mins £35 / Full Body - Approx 1 Hr £55.00

A Traditional massage used to work away tension and rejuvenate the whole body.

Intense Muscle Relief Body Massage -  Full Body - Approx 1 Hr £60.00

A deep and intense massage working to relieve deep set knots and tensions.

Intense Muscle Relief Back Massage - Approx 30 minutes £35.00

A deep massage using hands free techniques to soothe knots and relieve tension.

Total Harmony Back Massage - Approx 30 minutes £35.00

A relaxing and soothing massage used to relieve stress and tension.

Total Harmony Body Massage - Approx 1 Hr £55.00

This full body massage uses slow and gliding strokes to relieve stress, relax and re-balance your whole body.

Total Body Experience - Approx 1 Hr 30 minutes £75.00

Beginning with a light body brush to aid penetration of our nourishing oils and buff away dead skin cells. Your body will then be massaged into a state of pure relaxation.